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BitID Login If you already own a TheRock account, you can login with BitId if you sign with a bitcoin address you registered or used for withdrawals.

Scan this QRcode with your BitID enabled mobile wallet. You can also click on the QRcode if you have a BitID enabled desktop wallet, or use the button below to start your Ledger Wallet.

Click on QRcode to activate compatible desktop wallet

Welcome to TheRockTrading

Start trading right away, after you deposited some funds.

Verify your account, within your personal page, if you need to move FIAT currencies in and out.

You can use our API for trading bots.

We support a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Our support is always available to help you with any matters.

We support instant confirmations from wallets: no need to risk locking your bitcoins on the exchange (be your own bank).